DJI Mavic Mini accessories

Here are our favorite accessories for the Mavic mini

What we will be covering:

  • Accessories made for Mavic mini only
  • Universal accessories for drones
  • Short review of the accessories

Propeller guards

Propeller guard are great for the first flights for a beginner. The guards are easy to put on and will protect in all directions(360)

For indoor flying we recommend using propeller guards. The Mavic mini is actually very stable and easy to fly indoor, with propeller-guards you can bump in to objects without crashing and capture unique moments.

Cons: The weight of the propeller guards are 23.1grams, so the Mavic mini will heavier than 250grams. The flight time will also be reduced a bit when using the propeller guards.

Were to get them:, Flymore combo,

Intelligent flight battery

To get more out of your drone we recommend adding some extras batteries to you kit.

With LI-ion technology you get up to 30 minutes max flight time will give you the freedom to capture your favorite moments.

Were to get them:, Flymore combo,

Two-Way Charging Hub

The two-way charging hub charges up to three batteries in sequence. That way you can connect three batteries without the hassle to change batteries when one is done charging.

Great feature is that the charging hub works as a power bank, so you can charge mobile devices.

Were to get them:, Flymore combo


The propellers to the Mavic Mini easely gets bended, therefor it is good to have some replacement propellers. They are easy to change with a Philips screwdriver.

Were to get them:, Flymore combo,

Propeller holder

With the propeller holder you can throw your Mavic mini in your backpack without damaging the propellers.

Great for traveling, it also looks great.

Were to get them:, Flymore combo,

Charging base

Display the Mavic mini while charging in a sleek way. Looks great on workstations.

You always know where the charger is with the charging hub.

Were to get them:, Flymore combo,

Snap adapter

This accessories is great for engaging kids with drones.

You can write messages on the drones, and add block to it.

Were to get it:

Tablet holder

For flying with tablets, you might want to get one of the tablet holder for mavic.

It fits tablets from 7-10inches wide.

Were to get it: