Mavic mini motor speed error

Many people have been getting errors on their Mavic mini: “Motor speed error”. Or “Propellers are spinning too fast”.

Causes of the problem could be one of the following:

  • Bended/dammaged propellers. If the profile/pitch of the propellers are bend, the lift from the propeller will be changed. Then the motor needs to spin faster to obtain the right amount of lift.
  • The propellers gets bended when storing it in the flymore case.
  • Propellers hitting the frame because of bended propellers.
  • Damaged motors – check for damage on the motor, dust/sand in the motor. Any damage could lead to extra drag in the motor.
  • The new software update is very sensitive for motor speed, and will give you quick warnings. We think that the software is too sensitive, and dji will probably fix this in the future with a new firmware update.
Propeller touching frame off Mavic mini
Propellers can touch the frame off the Mavic if the propellers are bended.

Fixing the problem:

  • Change propellers or bend the propellers back.
  • Change the way you store the drone.
  • Updating to the latest firmware.

How to change the propellers

It is important to mount the propellers the right way.

Mavic mini propeller directions.

The propellers are marked with one stripe for clockwise rotating motor, and two stripes for anti-clockwise rotating motors. And there is a mark on the anti clockwise drone arms.

Mavic mini propellers direction and marks on the drone frame.

Then you need to find yourself some new propellers, and a Philips screwdriver.

What you will need to change the propellers of the Mavic mini.

Then it’s just too screw off the old propeller blades, and screwing on the new ones. It’s recommended to put some locktite on the new screws to prevent them from screwing themself out.

How to remove or install propellers of the drone Mavic mini.

How to store the Mavic mini safely

When storing the Mavic mini in the flymore case the propellers on the underside gets easily bended.

Here is one way to prevent the bending of the propellers. Get some foam, paper etc. Cut it to a small size. Then you mount it between the belly and the propellers of the Mavic mini. To make it even easier to take off and off, just glue it to the gimbal protector.

Hack to safely store the Mavic mini in the flymore case without bending the propellers.

Do you need new propellers for Mavic mini?

Replacement propellers from DJI to the Mavic mini.

Get replacement propellers for DJI here: Replacement propellers Mavic MINI

COMPLETE DRONE BUYING GUIDE FOR 2020 – with different budgets

There is two kind off drones.

FPV-drones (first person view) where you see what the drone see thru FPV Video googles. FPV drones you often fly for fun, races, freestyle or even making videos.

Camera drones: Are drones made to take photos or beautiful video. They will have GPS-positions mode to make the drones very easy to fly.


Manual controls
Fly for fun
Though, handle crashes
Immersive flight, feels like you are flying

Steady and great photo/videos
Easy to fly
Hard to crash
Fly to capture photos and videos


For under 20$ you get this fun drone.

Best drone for hobby use. I would not buy anything more expensive for hobby use, because it’s just plastic toys. Here is a little cheap drone for flight training and fun. I often give this as gift to my friends and fammily, great fun. If you buy multiple you can race with them, no cameras no worries. I recommend buying more batteries since the flight time is short.

Here you get them very cheap:

Camera drones – capture your favorite moments

Here I have 3 drones for different budgets. They are all very good and easy to fly.

The Mavic mini – great little drone that only ways 249grams!

The best beginner camera drone. With foldable arms and propellers, the Mavic mini is the smallest drone from DJI. Easy to bring on trips, and easy to fly.

It haves 2.7K video, 12mps jpg’s photos. And 30 minutes flight time. It has some limitations, but you can easily work around that. The smallest drone on the marked ready to be used to capture your favorite moments.

Get it from DJI themself – you help our business by buying thru this link.

Mavic AIR 2 – the newest drone from DJI

The intermediate drone from DJI. Packed with features to capture the moment. Only a little bit bigger than the Mavic mini it has obstacle avoidance, RAW photos, 4K video and smart features.

The arms fold and gives it a small footprint. 34 minutes flight time. Hyperlapse and more. Every thing you need is included. Best value overall.

MAVIC 2 PRO – the professional drone

Mavic 2 pro

With 1 inch sensor – the PRO version really packs everything you ever need and more. Amazing Hasselblad image sensor. 10bit video recording to capture more colors. If you are serious about capturing great photos and videos, this is the drone for that.

You can also get the Mavic 2 with zoom camera – witch can give you great helicopter like videos. And can even be great for inspections.



Fly fast, explore unknown places, dive cliffs, everything is possible with FPV drones.

TINY WHOOP – indoor drones

You can fly it inside your house, and it can withstand some serious crashes. If you have never flown a drone, we recommend starting with Tiny whoops. They are small drones with fpv-camera, easy to fly and only around 100grams in weight.

Here is a beginner combo with everything you need to fly around the house.

If you are getting into FPV I would recommend my Tiny Whoop buyer list. With pro FPV-googles and controller. It is more expensive but you can connect it to more drones.


5-inch drone – Racing drone

Fly races, freestyle or even put on a GoPro/HD camera to capture some sick footage. Speeds up to 100KM/H, this is a powerful drone.

Here is a combo package. You will need controller and batteries extra.

I recommend checking the FPV – list out:


Do you need more info about drones and features? Here is a short summery of key features.

GPS -Positions: The drone knows where it is by using GPS satellites. With GPS the drone will stay in place and not move. This is a key feature that most camera drones come with. Without GPS the wind will move the drone so the pilot needs to compensate to keep the drone in position.

RTH – return to home If you loose signal, or want the drone to land itself. RTH will return the drone back to the place it took off. Without this feature you do not have a back up solution.

The way you use this is: If the drone loses signal it will fly up to safe altitude and fly home and land. You can also press a RTH-button to bring the drone back.

Obstacle avoidance- Many drones have obstacle avoidance now. With this feature the drone will sense objects around it and try to prevent crashing in to it. The Mavic 2 has 360 obstacle avoidance so it is really hard to crash.

Mavic 2 PRO with 360 obstacle avoidance

RAW – keeps the detail in the photo. In editing you can bring back much more detail. Key for editing photos.

10bit – Only the Mavic 2 PRO has 10 bit-color. Here we are going more complex. Digital cameras has a set off possible colors it can capture. 8-bit has 16,777,216 possible colors, while 10-bit has 1,073,741,824 colors to pick. For color grading this is much better, and gives a richer footage.

Gimbal – How camera drones are getting smooth and stable footage. Motors in the gimbal are actively trying to compensate for the movements of the drone.

Safety and regulations

Always check the regulations in you country, and fly safe.


Get the most out of the mavic mini with HDR panorama.With this technique the only limitation for sick photos will be your imagination.

The mavic mini lacks RAW and panorama modes. In this post we are going to create a HDR Panorama with the mavic mini.

The general idea is to take 2-4 panoramas with different exposures then stack them to HDR photo that will give you great dynamic range.

Take the photos:

Step one take a panorama with high exposure so the dark areas are visible. Keep the exposure locked, and keep the drone still. Rotate and tilt the camera in the desired aeria. Try to keep the tilt at the same thou all the photos. Like 0, 30 and 60 degrees.

Repete the same prosess but with the mid tones I exposure. And use the same tilt angle like before.

Repete with the exposure for the sky. No overexposure here.

Post processing: Use your favorite photo editing program, In this guide we will be using Lightrom from Adobe.

Panorama: Start by selecting all your light photos and combine them to a panorama.

Repeat for mid, and dark.

It can be useful to export the panoramas as JPEG to easier stack the photos.

HDR – stack

Select the panorama photos and stack them to a HDR photo. Now you get to edit the photos as a PNG file like RAW photos, but It will not bee as good as raw photos but muck better than Jpegs.

Crop and export to INSTAGRAM and let the followers gasp. 😀

MAVIC MINI – for business?

After using the Mavic mini for couple of months for my company, I have really enjoyed the Mavic mini.

The under 250G rule gives me opportunity to fly more places without having the highest drone serfication. I can fly closer to people and objects safely.

What about the quality?

I am impressed with the quality og the drone.

The flight time is extreme, I get early 25 minutes off real world flying (30min hovering).

Compact drone – with its foldable arms and propellers it takes very little space.

The cons.

NO RAW photos. This is a bummer, I think dji could easy put in raw image format in the drones. Guess they want you to upgrade to get raw feature. But there is a work around to this, you can stack different exposure to get a HDR photo. You can even make panorama HDR photos, but there is no auto feature for this. You can read more here. HDR Panorama with Mavic mini.

No 4k: But you get 2,7k with ok quality. Bit rate of 40Mbs, if you compare it with MAVIC 2 PRO 100MBS. I would say it’s okey for the size of the drone.

Wind: It does handle the wind okey, but windy gust the drone warns that RTH(return to home) are not available.

Propelles rotating to fast: I got this warning in the last minutes of the flight. In the new firmware the magic mini will know if one of the propellers is broken or damaged. If you get the warning, check if one of the propellers I bendt or warped. Check mavic mini propeller guide.


Litium-ion gives great fight time. What I miss about the batteries is an auto discharge. feature like the mavic air/pro series, but with li-ion battery it is not that important to store the battery at 40% charge. Even with Li-ion battery I thing that you should try to store the battery at 40% charge. What I do is with the fly more combo is that I use it as a battery bank to discharge the batteries.

I really recommend this drone for beginners are buying their first drone. Or professionals that are using the under 250G rule.

Great value!