Many people have been getting errors on their Mavic mini: “Motor speed error”. Or “Propellers are spinning too fast”.

Causes of the problem could be one of the following:

  • Bended/dammaged propellers. If the profile/pitch of the propellers are bend, the lift from the propeller will be changed. Then the motor needs to spin faster to obtain the right amount of lift.
  • The propellers gets bended when storing it in the flymore case.
  • Propellers hitting the frame because of bended propellers.
  • Damaged motors – check for damage on the motor, dust/sand in the motor. Any damage could lead to extra drag in the motor.
  • The new software update is very sensitive for motor speed, and will give you quick warnings. We think that the software is too sensitive, and dji will probably fix this in the future with a new firmware update.
Propeller touching frame off Mavic mini
Propellers can touch the frame off the Mavic if the propellers are bended.

Fixing the problem:

  • Change propellers or bend the propellers back.
  • Change the way you store the drone.
  • Updating to the latest firmware.

How to change the propellers

It is important to mount the propellers the right way.

Mavic mini propeller directions.

The propellers are marked with one stripe for clockwise rotating motor, and two stripes for anti-clockwise rotating motors. And there is a mark on the anti clockwise drone arms.

Mavic mini propellers direction and marks on the drone frame.

Then you need to find yourself some new propellers, and a Philips screwdriver.

What you will need to change the propellers of the Mavic mini.

Then it’s just too screw off the old propeller blades, and screwing on the new ones. It’s recommended to put some locktite on the new screws to prevent them from screwing themself out.

How to remove or install propellers of the drone Mavic mini.

How to store the Mavic mini safely

When storing the Mavic mini in the flymore case the propellers on the underside gets easily bended.

Here is one way to prevent the bending of the propellers. Get some foam, paper etc. Cut it to a small size. Then you mount it between the belly and the propellers of the Mavic mini. To make it even easier to take off and off, just glue it to the gimbal protector.

Hack to safely store the Mavic mini in the flymore case without bending the propellers.

Do you need new propellers for Mavic mini?

Replacement propellers from DJI to the Mavic mini.

Get replacement propellers for DJI here: Replacement propellers Mavic MINI

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