After using the Mavic mini for couple of months for my company, I have really enjoyed the Mavic mini.

The under 250G rule gives me opportunity to fly more places without having the highest drone serfication. I can fly closer to people and objects safely.

What about the quality?

I am impressed with the quality og the drone.

The flight time is extreme, I get early 25 minutes off real world flying (30min hovering).

Compact drone – with its foldable arms and propellers it takes very little space.

The cons.

NO RAW photos. This is a bummer, I think dji could easy put in raw image format in the drones. Guess they want you to upgrade to get raw feature. But there is a work around to this, you can stack different exposure to get a HDR photo. You can even make panorama HDR photos, but there is no auto feature for this. You can read more here. HDR Panorama with Mavic mini.

No 4k: But you get 2,7k with ok quality. Bit rate of 40Mbs, if you compare it with MAVIC 2 PRO 100MBS. I would say it’s okey for the size of the drone.

Wind: It does handle the wind okey, but windy gust the drone warns that RTH(return to home) are not available.

Propelles rotating to fast: I got this warning in the last minutes of the flight. In the new firmware the magic mini will know if one of the propellers is broken or damaged. If you get the warning, check if one of the propellers I bendt or warped. Check mavic mini propeller guide.


Litium-ion gives great fight time. What I miss about the batteries is an auto discharge. feature like the mavic air/pro series, but with li-ion battery it is not that important to store the battery at 40% charge. Even with Li-ion battery I thing that you should try to store the battery at 40% charge. What I do is with the fly more combo is that I use it as a battery bank to discharge the batteries.

I really recommend this drone for beginners are buying their first drone. Or professionals that are using the under 250G rule.

Great value!

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