Get the most out of the mavic mini with HDR panorama.With this technique the only limitation for sick photos will be your imagination.

The mavic mini lacks RAW and panorama modes. In this post we are going to create a HDR Panorama with the mavic mini.

The general idea is to take 2-4 panoramas with different exposures then stack them to HDR photo that will give you great dynamic range.

Take the photos:

Step one take a panorama with high exposure so the dark areas are visible. Keep the exposure locked, and keep the drone still. Rotate and tilt the camera in the desired aeria. Try to keep the tilt at the same thou all the photos. Like 0, 30 and 60 degrees.

Repete the same prosess but with the mid tones I exposure. And use the same tilt angle like before.

Repete with the exposure for the sky. No overexposure here.

Post processing: Use your favorite photo editing program, In this guide we will be using Lightrom from Adobe.

Panorama: Start by selecting all your light photos and combine them to a panorama.

Repeat for mid, and dark.

It can be useful to export the panoramas as JPEG to easier stack the photos.

HDR – stack

Select the panorama photos and stack them to a HDR photo. Now you get to edit the photos as a PNG file like RAW photos, but It will not bee as good as raw photos but muck better than Jpegs.

Crop and export to INSTAGRAM and let the followers gasp. 😀

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